Principal’s Note

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PrincipalThe mission of any educational institution should be to challenge and motivate each child to achieve his or her full potential and strive to be a responsible member of our society and more generally a great human being. The school must establish a safe learning atmosphere that gives opportunity for intellectual growth, creativity, emotional balance and the development of their physical health. Geethaanjali is a perfect place that provides such a conducive environment. Moreover, opportunities for the development of leadership skills at Geethaanjali are plenty which provides an effective stepping stone for students to grow into future leaders.

“A good Teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible, he must himself be a master in the field and be in touch with the latest developments in his subject, he must himself be a fellow traveller in the exciting pursuit of knowledge”.

Dr S. Radha Krishnan.

As Dr. Radha Krishnan rightly enunciates, a teacher should assess and understand the interest of every child, guide them to be a master in that field and allow them to grow. For this a teacher should be a person with an open mind, skilful and dedicated. At Geethaanjali, we create an environment where dedicated teachers serve to support and challenge all children to bring out their best. This wonderful team of teachers play a vibrant role in helping students to craft their own future and be fellow travellers throughout their life. For such a creative and dedicated group, Geethaanjali has created a professional structure where teachers are responsible for their student’s results and yet enjoy considerable freedom in teaching styles. We give regular trainings to teachers and encourage them to prove, appreciate and reward their good work.

I’m extremely happy to note that our school has earned an excellent reputation in the holistic development of each child. This was made possible through the team work of our teachers and students along with the constant support of our parents and the school management. Our school has a strong record of success and is widely recognized for preparing the new generation extremely well for the challenges they face in their life, which is evidenced from the positive feedback, we receive from our parents.

I’m proud that the energy and enthusiasm of our proven strong and devoted team will continue its good work forever.